Tools for Practice Tuesday: Blabbing about #SWDE2016

Great blog post from Sean Erreger discussing technology in social work education.  Sean is using at video conferencing tool called Blab.IM that is currently in beta form.  Take time to listen to the video conference as his participants discuss the future of technology in social work education.   Blog post below.

Recently I blogged about the Social Work Distance Education Conference and how it was exciting to see how technology is changing social work education.  The week after this post I had chance to do …

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Social Work Month-A Shout Out To My Favorites

March is social work month, and it’s coming to an end.  I enjoyed seeing all those pictures, quotes, memes, posters, apparel etc. coming in my in boxes.  Time went by so fast, and throughout the month I wanted to do so much to showcase and promote our profession.

 I enjoyed the tweets, Facebook , and Pinterest posts.  I hope we can keep the spirit going.  We do so much, our celebration for our profession should last throughout the year.  As a honor to my profession, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures/quotes with you through my social work collage.  

Social Work Month Is..

Add your favorites in the comment section

26 Social Workers Who Are Using Their Creativity For More Impact and More Income

Love this article by Eva Forde.  Everyone couldn’t be included (like myself), but if you are doing something creative leave a comment. Great way to support one another.  Check out her blog.

There’s a growing trend happening in social work.  More and more social workers are tapping into their creativity to share their unique solutions with people online, often not only extending their reach, but pursuing their passions in the process. And while it’s true that many of these mavericks offer consulting, coaching, counseling and speaking in their repertoire of services, some also create additional opportunities for clients to engage with them through fee-for …

Source: 26 Social Workers Who Are Using Their Creativity For More Impact and More Income

Popular Social Media Apps – What’s Hot and What’s Not -Don’t Get Fooled

During my daily read, I found a wonderful site that gives tons of information about keeping teens, parents, and professionals safe on-line.    One video that was extremely informative was the, “Popular App Guide for Parents and Teachers.”  It is worth looking at from beginning to end as it is eye-opening.

Off course you can find something unsafe about many social media apps.   The Safe Smart Social site attempts to  explain to those that aren’t so familiar with social media, the way social media apps can be positive, and how to look out for those innocent appearing apps, that can be used for negative behavior.  Below is the video from Safe Smart Social that is definitely worth sharing.

There is a lot of other great information on the Safe Smart Social site.  How will you use this information?  Are there other comments you could make about these apps.  Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Happy New Year

Thanks to all my followers, and those who check in and read my posts.  I hope to continue to give you more creative ideas and ways to incorporate technology into your social work practice.  swpad newyr

Developing The 21st Century Social Worker -Schools of Social Work Are Making It Happen


The University at Buffalo School of Social Work is making its mark on helping their students use and understand how important technology is and how it can be used in the profession.  They have developed some great resources for social workers to use.  

Take a look at this video: The social worker’s guide to social media, by Dean Nancy Smyth.

On the School of Social Work site, you can find a list of resources for social workers to explore when using or looking for technology.  The list is beneficial and a great find.  Check it out below.


Click image to go to page


One of my other favorite go-to persons is Dr. Jennifer Edwards, Executive Director of Texas Social Medial Research Institute.  


Check out the research page and their twitter chat page.  Great source of information.

Laura Hitchcock is another social work professor (University of Alabama-Birmingham), that is making a mark in technology for social work.  Check out her blog, Teaching and Learning in social work.   

scope4scsDr. Erin Mason is from my hometown Chicago, so I can’t forget to mention her.  Dr. Erin Mason is an Associate Professor in the Counseling program at DePaul University in Chicago.  Dr. Mason is the developer of the blog, SCOPE.  SCOPE provides school counselors with information about the latest technology tools, trends, and resources. I have to give a little love to my fellow school counselor.  School counselors work with side by side with many social workers in schools.  Check Dr. Mason out on her blog – SCOPE –

I know there are others out there, like myself that are making a mark with technology in Social Work.  I don’t want to leave anyone out but, in blogging, make it short and sweet. 

How are you making your change to becoming a 21st-century social worker? Do you have any other great trailblazers in social work and tech? Leave me a comment!



Hands-On Apps for Diverse Learners | Edutopia

Diverse learners demonstrate engagement and creativity when introduced to interactive, tech-based learning tools through the game jam model of exploration.

Source: Hands-On Apps for Diverse Learners | Edutopia

One of the cool features in this article was a board game called Robot Turtles.  This game is for 3-5-year-olds and it teaches the basic concepts of coding.  For clinicians, this is a great way to get students to collaborate and use decision-making skills, working together on a common goal which is to move their pawn to the prize gem.  We all know games are a great way to improve on so many social-emotional learning skills.  Check out the following video clips about Robot Turtles.  This game is a great way to connect with the coding craze that is going on in the educational technology domain.  Code On!

Please provide feedback on this great game or the article.  How can you use these ideas from the article when working with your students?


6 Websites or Apps You Need to See Before School Starts

Wonderful post from my colleagues at Free Spirit Publishing.

Source: 6 Websites or Apps You Need to See Before School Starts

Tech, Tech, and More Tech (and Why I Think It is Cool)

Social workers are beginning to realize the importance technology can play in their practice. One of my colleagues is focusing on how tech can be beneficial for social workers in the health care field in his blog post. He further discusses his ideas on tech in other areas of social work. Great read, ideas and resources.

Stuck on Social Work

I was engaged in a conversation on twitter with Dr. James Legan about this cool project he is working on. He using a Projected Electronic Health Record during patient visits  by putting the health record on a big screen in his office. He also shared some other tech that he is using as a doctor. The more I hang on out twitter the more I end up meeting tech friendly people working on fantastic ideas.

I started out with a modest twitter list called “Mental/Physical Tech”.  It has slowly grown to 114 people and companies that I think are doing some cool stuff with technology.  Also I have been reaching out to people in the health information technology field on twitter (#HITsm). There is a vibrant Social Work and Technology group on Google Plus. So why is this social worker so incredibly interested in technology for healthcare? Dr. Legan…

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Social Work and SEL Ideas Found At Chicago’s First Geek Street Fair In Chicago



I had the opportunity to make it to Chicago’s first Geek Street Fair.  This fair was a  tribute to STEM, Science Technology, Engineering and Math.   It provided hands-on fun for all ages, but it was specifically designed to show kids how exciting and fun STEM can be.  I’ve been writing how technology can enhance social emotional learning for all.   At the Geek Street Fair, I was able to envision how many of the exhibits can assist students in learning many important social skills.  There were also a great amount of programs there that are developing classes to assist adults and kids in learning more about technology.  There were so many great ideas.   I just have to share all the fun and resources I saw.

Great New Agencies

Spanish classes available

Spanish classes available (click on photo to go to site)

A Tech Innovation Center

A Tech Innovation Center (click photo to go to site)

Project Tech Teens

Project Tech Teens

Tools to enhance sel development

The small stingray shaped robot is really cool.  You program it to move through the program Scratch .  Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.   Many students know how to use scratch but if you are in Chicago and want to use the robot with your students, the Chicago Public Library has a great deal.  Educators can rent groups of five Finch robots from the CPL for up to three weeks.  There is also trainings offered to learn how to work the Finch with the scratch program. This is not advanced computer programming,  and is easy to learn.

The clinical applications:  get the students to learn how to work together, cooperate, problem solve, finish a project and make decisions.  Students can navigate Finch through a path toward correct answers,  after a social skill lesson is taught.  Students can work in teams to program Finch to chose picture prompts for a simple story board script.  Students will display their comprehension of the lesson through demonstration and programming Finch.  Below is a picture of the Finch robot going through a lego maze.

Meet Finch the programmable robot

Meet Finch the programmable robot

This is an example of the Finch robot on NBC weekend web segment!/on-air/as-seen-on/Weekend-Web–Google-Geek-Street-Fest-Hits-Chicago/317315491

This little box is the new computer!

This little box is the new computer!

This was one of the exhibits that was fascinating.  The tiny clear box attaches the mouse, keyboard, and a monitor to become an actual working computer.  You have to be connected to wifi to get on the web which allows you to access your files on google docs.  You mainly access files that are stored on cloud storage like drop box or google docs but the exhibitor stated that in the future there will be the capability to use windows office through the cloud .  This device is raspberry pi model b  The cost of the device is relatively low $35 and the case is around $9.  Seriously just have wifi, a mouse, keyboard, monitor and you are on the internet .  You can read more about the devices on the web.

Clinical applications: This can be a real game changer for social workers that want to work with students on an internet based project but have little access to computers.  Often computer labs are reserved for classes and teacher, if there is a lab at all.  This limits the ability for clinical staff to work with a group of students on a project that is computer based.  With the raspberry pi, a clinician not only can provide access to the internet for students, but also provide services to students in groups.

This robot and car also run from Raspberry pi

This robot and car also run from Raspberry pi,  Students build the models and the device programs it to move

a look at geek street fair