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Social Media Toolkit for Social Work Field Educators – Get your Free Copy! #swtech

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Social Media Toolkit for Social Work Field Educators. This toolkit provides Field and other Social Work Educators with tools and resources to help social work students and field instructors assess, develop, and maintain an online identity for professional purposes. There are two parts to the toolkit…

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Social Worker Month: 10 Reasons for Social Workers to Stand Up

As some of you know, March is National Social Work month; it was officially recognized as such by the White House in 1984. Since 1984, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has been selecting a different topic to focus on each year. This year, NASW is promoting the theme: “Social Workers Stand Up,” as a way for social workers to take pride in their profession, and help inform others about what social work is all about. To that end, I asked 25 social workers what they love most about their work. They were limited to responses of 100 words or less. In 25 Social Workers Share Why They Love Social Work!, professionals’ responses and the different aspects of work they mentioned were categorized to give ‘big picture’ results. This, in turn, illustrated that social workers love the field because they view it as providing them with: job/career versatility, ability to heal/problem solve, opportunities to work with and train inspiring colleagues, and prospects to make the world a

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Why Hashtags Matter – #SWvirtualpal

Twitter has been such a great tool for learning, sharing, and meeting new colleagues.  If you haven’t tried a twitter chat, there are some great social work chats being held on twitter.  One way to curate and organize your topics is through using hashtags.  Hashtags also can also help you find out whats happening in your professional community.

There’s one great hashtag that I want to promote, and I hope it catches on.  The hashtag #SWvirtualpal is a cool hashtag that helping social workers develop a community on twitter.  Laura Hitchcock helped develop this term and writes about it on her recent blog post.  Please read her post to learn  how to find your SWvirtualpal.


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7 Online Resources for Social Workers — Social Work Community

So until I started this blog a few months ago, I was pretty oblivious about other social work on-line resources. One of my underlying motives for starting this blog was to re-up my passion for social work through more regular research and reading about social work and the topics we touch on a daily basis. […]

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26 Social Workers Who Are Using Their Creativity For More Impact and More Income

Love this article by Eva Forde.  Everyone couldn’t be included (like myself), but if you are doing something creative leave a comment. Great way to support one another.  Check out her blog.

There’s a growing trend happening in social work.  More and more social workers are tapping into their creativity to share their unique solutions with people online, often not only extending their reach, but pursuing their passions in the process. And while it’s true that many of these mavericks offer consulting, coaching, counseling and speaking in their repertoire of services, some also create additional opportunities for clients to engage with them through fee-for …

Source: 26 Social Workers Who Are Using Their Creativity For More Impact and More Income


Social Work Career Development

Social Work Career Development

This site provides a variety of social work career resources such as: roundups of webinars and best in mental health posts from around the web, self-care, interviews with mental health professionals on different modalities/practices, key learning’s from trainings, as well as LMSW licensing exam strategies, interviewing tips and more.  The site creator researches pertinent information that can be helpful in practice.   Great tool on the internet to bookmark and add to your Pinterest.  Check out the site by clicking on the image above.


Never to old to play – One exciting event to attend-ChiTAG


ChiTAG stands for Chicago toy and game fair.  If you love game, and even more, games hot off the press, you want to be at this event.  ChiTAG is held in Chicago at Navy Pier on November 17-18, 2012 opening up at 10:00 a.m..  I attended the event last year, and was in heven!  It was fun, fun, fun!  At this fair you get to see new games, inventors of games, play games and purchase games.  As for technology, they have the newest games that fit in the educational genre of tech games.  The entire exhibit hall is filled with booth upon booth of wonderful games.  The life size games are a site to be seen and they are also playable.  You can also receive CPDU’s for attending this event.  Of course there will be kids at this event, but you will also see many adults that are kids at heart.  If you love to play games with your student groups, as I do, go check out ChiTAG if you are in the Chicagoland area.  For clinicians this is the place to be to pick up new tricks for the trade.  Every social worker loves a new game for group.  This is worth it and its sure to be a fun filled time.

A Guide To Discuss With Your Students Regarding Facebook

The guide “Facebook for School Counselors,” has been recently released and it attempts to deal with educating counselors on how to teach and advise students regarding appropriate Facebook use.  This guide should be discussed with students and address the penalties one could face if they are found to use Facebook as a tool to bully, post inappropriate photos and or videos.  This guide gives the links and numbers that people can contact if they want to report inappropriate behavior.  Social Workers can definitely use this as a teaching tool for both parent and students.  This guide can be used to begin a discussion on the successful use of social media.  Follow the link below for a copy of the guide and other interesting statistical articles.